Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Fire Update, pm 6/30

General roundup of large fires

Fire Related News

Bitterroot Hotshot Crew in crash in NM

Willow Fire has it's own homepage

This is the #1 priority fire in the US today, and the largest fire in the lower 48. They have a homepage for news updates, maps (that one's not functioning yet) and facts about the fire.

Morning Update, June 30

National Preparedness Level 2

Fires Yesterday: 363
New Large Fires: 2

Acreage Burned: 27,324

YTD Acreage Burned: 1,503,108
10 yr Ave Acreage: 1,311,762

YTD Fires: 39,739
10 yr ave Fires: 42,484

(News coverage was very light this morning. Will post an update later if stories warrant.)


Fire Crews Head Toward Containment of Sierra Fires

Fire Related News

Coconino NF - Forest Stays Open; Fires Banned

Logging Plan Sparks Debate

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

News update, supplement 6/29 AM

Arizona Fires Summary


Wildfire burning near Coos Bay

Fire Related News:

PR News press release about 747 supertanker plane

Forest Thinning Appeals Denied on the Coconino NF

Major fire exercise planned in Norther California

Cigarette Butts Pose Significant Fire Danger

Morning Update, 6/29/04

Acreage burned: 215,465
Fire Starts: 770

YTD acreage burned 1,502,586
YTD fire starts: 37,971

10 yr ave acreage: 1,284,779
10 yr ave fires 41,958

News Story updates:

Alaska -Fire Roundup
Fires Continue to Blaze Across the Interior


Willow Fire

California (Western Great Basin) Cole Complex
This fire is actually near the CA-NV border and the fire is being managed by the Western Great Basin rather than the SoCal GACC).
New Fire in Eastern Sierra Prompts Evacuations

Utah - Square Complex
Weather helps Firefighter Crews Near St. George

Washington State
Fire Roundup

Monday, June 28, 2004

Evening Fire News, June 28, 2004

Washington State Fire stories

(the Freezeout, the Hopkins Canyon Fire and the Pot Peak Fire)

Square Complex Fire

Morning News Roundup:

News on the Camp Creek and other fires
Fires Close in on Pogo, Venetie

Type One Teams sent to the Willow fire (Whitney) and the Nuttall Fire (Oltrogge).

Fire Watch: Summary of all major AZ fires from the Arizona Daily Sun

Davenport Fire
200 fighting Datil-area wildfire

Nuttall Fire
Fires Six Miles from UA Scopes

Cole Complex fire
Weather cooperates for firefighters on Sierra wildfire

Square Complex Fire
Wind Whips Up Southwest Fires

Beginning Daily Coverage

Starting today (a few days earlier than I meant) I will begin daily coverage of fire stats and news stories.

Today is significant. Today, after what looked like it was going to be the start of possibly a slow fire season, we passed the 10 year averages on acres burned. Interesting, though, is the total fires to date is lower than the 10 year average, which means the fires are burning more acreage.

June 28, 2004 217,630 acres burned

2004 YTD 1,310,425
10 yr ave 1,231,417


2004 ytd 37,491
10 yr ave 41,782

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Afternoon Update, June 3 (Thursday)

Florida Blaze Claims 5000 acres

Three New Small Wildfires Break Out in Arizona

Fire Breaks Out in Huachuca Mountains

Senators attack budget "shell game" fund transfer in wildland fire fighting agencies, preventing prevention work -GAO report

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Morning news update, Wednesday June 2

Florida -
Wildfire shuts down Alligator Alley

Bradford County Fire Forces Dozens from Home

Wildfire near Waldo Now Contained

Monday, May 31, 2004

Morning Wildfire Story Update, Monday May 31


Fires burn in Port of Tampa, Lee and Baker counties

8 Houses Damaged By 2 Brush Fires - St. Lucie County

Wildfire related:

"Slash" removal urged to trim wildfire risk
Prescott gets defensive about wildfire

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Saturday Evening Fire News Roundup

Firefires battle 3000 acre fire in Baker County

Special tankers zoom in on Santa Cruz blaze

Saturday Morning Fire News

New Mexico Fire:
High Winds in NM Threaten to Increase Wildfire Damage

New Mexico Announces Fire Restrictions

Florida Fires:
Dry Conditions Spark Fire Safety Warning

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