Friday, May 04, 2007


Fire from above,
fire that burns the chaff away,
fire that refines the rough ore into shining metal,
fire that transforms darkness into light,
Power of the living God,
falling from heaven to consume the sinful city,
falling from heaven to totally consume Elijah's offering,
falling like tongues of fire and a roaring wind
to kindle in those gathered the fire of your love,
Breath of God transforming the world
touching our lives anew,
each day a new Pentecost
to those who welcome you.

Breathe in us, Holy Spirit,
and let us be transformed
by the power of your touch
by the power of your love
into children of the living God,
willing tools for you to use
as you renew the face of the earth.

Susan E. Stone, 2007


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Transform us! 

O Lord, O Spirit who breathed upon the deep at the start of all,
O Breath of Life, although we pretend not to hear your call,
Still Your voice echos in and out of the winds of our lives, surrounding us
Though we turn our back to its gentle singing, we find it stinging us
with the intensity of Your truth, in dark and light - soothing us
with the beauty of your love beyond our hate, and greed and fall.

Help us to realize that without you, we stand there, naked, weak, small.
O Lord, let your voice enter into our hearts, now.
let it enter into the dark murk of our minds now,
let it pierce through the daylight, brighter than sun,
and bloom in our midnight, making our midnight shadows run.

May the fire of Your love soften us O Lord,
Like an all surround wind, enwrap us, O Lord
in the reality of your love, blowing away all the dust
of hate and anger and pain and lust,
that cloaks us like a sin-stained pall.

Transform us!
Hide us in your loving heart from the curse of the fall,
Else we will perish.

Susan E. Stone, 2007

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Monday, January 30, 2006


Did it start
like the faintest whisper,
a breath of air,
gathering speed,
growing to a gale,
like a storm of God's light
ready to sweep across the globe?

Did it start
like a spark,
a brightness,
a pinprick of light,
a smolder
that roared into a flame
ready to set a sorrowful world on fire?

The hand of God at work -
taking this tiny group
like fine kindling
and blowing it into the flame
that would burn through the centuries -
a fire fueled with his own love,
bought by his own blood,
empowered with his own fire.

Come, Holy Spirit
And renew the face of the Earth,
spreading your flame
heart to heart,
soul by soul
rekindling, renewing, recharging
the light of your love
in the hearts of all who call Jesus Lord.

Let we who are warmed by your fire
spread these flames
hand to hand,
touch by touch,
life to life
until the whole world is emblazoned
with your touch,
the unquenchable fire
of the love of God
for this sad and undeserving world.


Susan E Stone, 2006

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